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High School Chemistry for Gifted Students

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Instructor: Trina Overgaard Toups
5-10 students
Suggested Age Ranges: 12-17
Meets: Thursdays, 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Eastern Time


High School Chemistry for Gifted Homeschoolers

Is your student ready for a systematic study of science? Going beyond the wow factor of videos and games, we will embark on a tour of general chemistry appropriate for honors chemistry high school students. The complete course will be two full semesters. 

StudentsIt is expected that the students for this will approximately fit the following profile:

  1. Gifted Students in the age range 12-17.

  2. Eager and excited to learn about science, and discuss it with peers.

  3. Comfortable with math, and probably have completed Algebra I.

  4. Able to commit to out of class work in the neighborhood of up to 3-4 hours per week.

  5. Willing to be guided to learn rather than led through all details.

  6. Able to respect the pace of the classroom setting, which will move quickly, and limit participation to on-topic matters.

  7. Realize that chemistry builds upon prior knowledge, and try to stay current with the material.

MaterialsFamilies will be requested to provide a calculator, pencil, and paper every session. Textbook will be an online text for $75 which also includes interactive modules for learning. Cost covers 720 days of usage. Source: supplemental materials will be workbooks which can be purchased for moderate costs.

CurriculumThe curriculum will consist of a full year course such as would be offered as honors chemistry, or perhaps AP chemistry in high schools. Students will be expected and encouraged to continue learning each section through further course materials and assignments provided by the instructor. Assignments will not have undue repetition or drudgery, but should be taken seriously by the student and family for effective learning.  Documentation of material covered and certification of participation will be provided for students who wish to use such to attain credit from institutions. Students and parents who wish this option should be diligent in keeping records of student work. 

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