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Abnormal Psychology

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Social Science
Erick A. Medina, PsyD
5-10 students
Suggested Ages: 15+ years old
 Tuesdays, 11:00 am to 12:30 pm, 15 weeks. Starts January 26th.


Abnormal Psychology is the study of behavior and experience that most people would consider unusual, unhealthy, or even dangerous. In this course, we’ll delve into the mysteries of the mind, exploring a number of issues such as how we diagnose, classify, treat, and talk about mental disorders.

We’ll start with some definitions, then discuss the history of the subject. Next we’ll look at how we diagnose and do research into mental disorders. Then we’ll look into a number of different kinds of conditions that cause people and those around them to suffer.

In particular, we’ll take a close look at two areas in which I’ve done research and in whose treatment I specialize: narcissistic and borderline conditions.

The course will end with a class discussion centered around any topic the class wishes covered or gone into in more detail. While there is no textbook, there will be assigned readings that are easily available online. There will also be papers and time for discussion.


Session 1: Introduction: What is Psychology? What is Abnormal?

Session 2: Historical Overview

Session 3: Ways of Thinking About Abnormality Session

Session 4: Diagnosis and Assessment Session

Session 5: Research in Abnormal Psychology Session

Session 6: Anxiety Disorders Session

Session 7: Mood Disorders Session

Session 8: Trauma Session

Session 9: Dissociative & Somatic Disorders Session

Session 10: Substance Use Disorders Session

Session 11: Eating Disorders Session

Session 12: Schizophrenia Session

Session 13: Personality Disorders; Narcissistic Conditions Session

Session 14: Borderline Conditions Session

Session 15: Concluding Discussion

Note: This is a 15 week course, scheduled over 16 weeks. There will likely be one day off during the term, which the teacher will announce at the beginning of the course.

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