Beyond IQ

Guidelines for Beyond IQ Children's Sessions

Beyond IQ's Children’s sessions will run concurrently with the Adult Sessions at the conference. The sessions will be designed for two general age groups: 6 - 9 years and 9 - 12 years of age. For everyone’s safety and security, the following guidelines apply to those attending the Children’s Sessions:

  • Children must be signed in and out of each session they attend. There will be a sign in sheet, indicating child's name, parent's name and the session the parent is attending. At the end of the session, parents will need to come to the program room and sign the child out. Children will not be allowed to leave and meet their parents in the lobby or at their hotel room. To facilitate this, the Children's Sessions start 5 minutes prior and end 5 minutes after the Adult Sessions.

  • For each child registered for the conference, one period of a parent's time is expected. For lone parents attending with multiple children, exceptions may be made. Period selection will take place at the conference.

  • Parents may not leave the hotel, or the conference, while their children are in session.

  • Children under the age of 9 may attend a session designed for the 9 -12 year olds with prior approval of the Children’s Coordinator and the presenter of the session.

  • Children between 4 1/2 and 6 years of age will be allowed to attend the 6 - 9 yr old sessions provided they are accompanied by a parent and/or another responsible adult.

  • For children who are too young to participate in the children's programming, please see the Guidelines for Parents of Young Children.

  • In the unlikely event a child becomes inconsolable, a behavior problem or otherwise unable to participate in a session, the parent will be notified and asked to leave their session to attend to their child. We will do this without unduly interrupting the presenter.

  • There will be a scheduled am and pm snack time in the program as well as water available in each program room.

Most importantly, the goal is for the child to have a positive experience in the sessions!

Guidelines for Parents of Young Children attending Beyond IQ

We love children! This conference is as much for the children as it is for the parents. Parents of children over 4-1/2 and under 6 may also consider its suitability (see the Guidelines for Beyond IQ Children's Sessions).

Children who are too young to participate in the Children's Program may be brought to the conference at no charge. Little ones attending may attend adult sessions or hang out in the Games Room with their parents.

In the spirit of making the conference enjoyable for all, we request that parents honor the following conference requirements:

  • "Parents," as described on this page, may include a parent, a legal guardian, or an adult designated by the child's parent or legal guardian and so noted at registration.

  • Parents must remain with their younger children at all times.

  • Parents are asked to remove a younger child who is noisy or otherwise disruptive in any session or room in order to respect the others engaging in the activity, and to be prepared to offer their child something that is more appealing to them.

  • Parents are encouraged to bring plenty of things to occupy a younger child happily through the course of the day and sessions.

  • Neither Gifted Conference Planners, its staff or volunteers, or the conference facility assume any responsibility for the child, or any liability for any harm that the child may suffer (or cause!)

Happily absorbed and occupied children of all ages (especially the youngest ones) make the conference the best experience for everyone.

A person's a person, no matter how small!
~Horton (Dr. Seuss)
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