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Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration

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Instructor: Josh Shaine
5-10 students
For adults, including parents!
Meets: Mondays, 1:00-2:00 pm, starting TBA for 10 weeks.


Dr. Kazimierz Dabrowski, a Polish psychiatrist, developed a theory that explains why you can't hold still, why things that are unfair bother you more than anybody else, why it seems to you that everybody else seems to have shallow emotions and reactions, and why your mere existence (or the world's) is enough to make you depressed! Curious? Come learn about Overexcitibilities, Dynamisms, and how disintegration can be positive!

When Kazimierz Dabrowski was young, he observed that different people suffered more and less in response to the same stimuli and wanted to figure out why. The first result is the OverExcitabilities (OEs), which many parents of gifted children have recognized in them (and in themselves, tbh), but this is just the tip of this intricate personality development theory.

In this course, we will study Dabrowski's Theory, its strengths and weaknesses, and how it may apply in our lives and in those of the people we love. We'll consider the Levels of Development and the Dynamisms that facilitate our growth through those levels. And we will look more deeply at the OEs, both how they interact and their role in the rest of the Theory.

While this is the scheduled course time, it will be available both as an asynchronous course if you cannot make that time and as a schedulable course if you have a group that would like to do it at a different time. Just drop us a line at <>


Week   Topic  
1  Introduction and Overview: Why does anybody care?!
2  Overexcitabilities
39  Dynamisms
 Levels 1 & 2: Primary Integration and Unilevel Disintegration
5  Level 3: Spontaneous Multilevel Disintegration 
6  Level 4: Organized Multilevel Disintegration
 Level 5: Secondary Integration – is it possible?
 Multilevelness of Emotions & Instinctive Function, Part 1: Emotions
9  Multilevelness (etc.), Part 2: Instinctive Function
 Wrap up
   Make-up Session

All topics subject to change, based on class feedback.

We will rely heavily on "hand-outs" and website materials, but students are encouraged to purchase Personality Shaping by Kazimierz Dabrowski (ISBN: 069242749X). It's $10 in the Kindle edition and is currently free to Kindle Unlimited members. 


$200 for GHF, SENG, and MAGE members, $215 for non-members; half of all proceeds go to GCP's scholarships.

$100 per additional family registrants, regardless of membership

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