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Sherene Raisbeck
5-10 students
Suggested Ages: 15+
Meets: Mondays at 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Eastern time, starting September 13th

Course Description

Hey! I'm supposed to be getting $12/hour! How come my check is for $337.46? You need HOW MUCH?!? to retire? Can I really save a million dollars?!? I found a great apartment and awesome roommates! Can I afford it? What should I know about my roommates? They seem nice and that's enough, right? Taxes? Everyone is talking about what they are doing with their refund, how do I get mine? What do you mean my account is overdrawn? I still have checks! 

These topics and many more will be covered as we touch on all the ways money affects the lives of responsible (and irresponsible) adults. We will talk about earning, saving, spending and investing $$$$. Budgets, borrowing, credit reports, taxes, retirement accounts, charitable giving, etc. Job applications to rental agreements we'll talk about the $$. We'll work with real world numbers for several different life stages and economic classes. All ages welcome, adults too! Please sign up for a class with your age range as I do have a somewhat different focus with students 14 and younger than with those closer to financial independence.




Session 1:  Introduction and overview

Session 2:  Income – Career choices and finding work

Session 3:  Budgeting – What can I afford? Housing, transportation, food

Session 4:  Budgeting – What can I afford? Taxes and Savings

Session 5:  Banking and Investing – What sort of accounts do I need?

Session 6:  Borrowing – ‘good debt’ vs. ‘bad debt’

Session 7:  Saving and investing for short and long term goals

Session 8:  Investing – stocks, bonds, real estate

Session 9:  Taxes – new law, same basic system

Session 10: Other “adulting” – registering to vote, registering a car, getting birth certificates and official identification, obtaining property information.

Session 11: Credit and credit scoring – qualifying for a mortgage or car loan; renting an apartment – roommates as financial partners.

Session 12: Q&A for budget project; using online resources to estimate for your budget.

Session 13: Insurance: car insurance, rental and homeowner’s insurance, health insurance, and life insurance.

Session 14: YOUR topic – what do you want to learn more about? Tell me and we’ll dive in more depth from the topics above or into your special interest topic.

Session 15: Presentation of individual budgets and plans.

This course is $475. GHF, SENG, MAGE (Mass), and NHAGE Members pay $460! (But no double dipping, sorry!) Multiple children? Talk to us!

We accept charter school funds

Register for Money, Money, Money here!

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