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World History to 1400CE (or so)

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Instructor: Josh Shaine

Fridays at 12:30 pm Eastern, 15 weeks, starting September 4th
(Does not meet on November 27th)

This will be a fast moving survey of world history, covering many centuries in far too short a period. There will be opportunities for side excursions into specific periods or events for interested students. Lots of reading/listening between sessions.

Homework will include lots of reading as well as some video­ watching. There is an additional component for those who wish to write papers or to do a project.

  1. What is History
  2. Prehistory to the Beginnings of History
  3. The Rise of Agriculture and Its Implications
  4. Money, Long Before Money
  5. Art
  6. City
  7. Religion
  8. Government
  9. Country
  10. Empire
  11. War, Religion, and Empire
  12. Invention
  13. Transportation and Trade
  14. Catastrophe and Survival
  15. One Person's Middle Ages is Another's What, Exactly?

Recommended text to follow.

Register for World History to 1400CE here!

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