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How to Write a Grant Proposal

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Skia Laurence
5-10 students
Suggested Ages: 15+ years old
 Tuesdays at 11:00 am, 15 weeks. Starts February 2nd.


Wouldn’t you like to be one of the college students who is easily able to access the money from everyone’s activity fees and bring what you’d like to see to campus?  How about money to pay expenses to travel to present your paper at a professional conference?  Or even live a year abroad doing research?  I did all those things when I was in school and so can you.  This course might even help you write the essays needed to get into college — or to help you fund it once you are accepted.

Does college seem a long time off?  No need to wait to use these skills.  There’s no age limit on most grants and many are specifically for young people.  How about money for an arts project?  Or to help a good cause that you are passionate about?  There are even grants for recreational activities.

It’s also a plus that experience with writing grant proposals is very attractive to many employers.  This course will give you the basics you need to let your ideas shine and avoid mistakes that result in too many applications being discarded with hardly a glance.  By participating in the assignments in this course, you will definitely become a better more confident writer.

Topics Include:

  • Who’s giving away money and why.

  • How to float your proposal to the top of the slush pile and get it seen by decision makers.

  • How to find potential funding sources.

  • Looking good to the committee.

  • Review of tone and grammar for formal writing.

This is a writing course in which we will write and rewrite.  No first draft is expected to be perfect.  Everyone benefits from a second reader and those who develop the ability to participate in second relationships will see the most success in any serious writing endeavor .  For this reason, the goals of this course include developing the ability to make editorial suggestions in an encouraging way, as well as, learning to gracefully listen to suggestions and to appreciate the risk others take when they are brave enough to give them even when you disagree. Assignments will be short, but designed to make you think.  Only light research that can be done on the web will be needed.

Students speaking English as a Second Language or those who are not confident of their writing skills because they have struggled with dyslexia or another learning disability, are encouraged to enroll and will be given extra help.

Note: This is a 15 week course, scheduled over 16 weeks. There will likely be one day off during the term, which the teacher will announce at the beginning of the course.

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